In a clear bet on the cultural and sporting dynamism of the region, ArpecDouro joined the Rota das Capelas Trail.

“We are a local company, so we are pleased with the realization of initiatives that creates dynamic. We know how important this  is for the economic and social development of this area and for this reason we supported the Rota das Capelas Trail, “adds Sabino Moreira.

On April 2nd, the mythical route received one of the most famous sports of nowadays. In addition to the trail, this initiative also has a hiking, organized by ITER Tourism and Events.

The Rota das Capelas Trail intends to get people to know the mythical route of Chapels that passes through more than 20 chapels existing in Soalhães, Marco de Canaveses, namely: S. Clemente; S. Bento; S. Brás, Santiago; S. João and Sra. Da Conceição.

Participants could opct for an 8-km hiking, or a short 14-km trail, or a 21-km long trail. History, Traditions and Nature were the main attractions of this tour.

The epicenter of the event was next to the Church of São Martinho,  Soalhães, an historical monument of obligatory visit.