ARPECDOURO is pleased to present the completion of the work of integral rehabilitation of the Municipal Museum Carmen Miranda, in Marco de Canaveses.

An Emblematic Project Successfully Completed.

This project, already considered one of our emblematic undertakings, is successfully completed. The Carmen Miranda Municipal Museum is now modern and renovated, after the intervention of the ARPECDOURO team.

The comprehensive rehabilitation project, with a cost of 1 million and 100 thousand euros, whose pace of work exceeded expectations according to the means, provides the population with a wide cultural space and modern visual and equipment that privileges technology through video, holograms and videomapping.

The works of rehabilitation, expansion and requalification were carried out by ARPECDOURO on two symmetrical buildings, of nineteenth-century Brazilian style architecture, already existing.


A unique and modern cultural enclosure in Marco de Canaveses

The notoriety of this venture is where the original buildings came to be united by a third building of minimalist modernist style, becoming a single cultural enclosure with mixed architecture, avant-garde technology and endowed with expanded and renovated outdoor space.

The reopening of the Carmen Miranda Municipal Museum offers a unique opportunity for visitors to learn more about the history and culture of the Marco de Canaveses region. The collection includes archaeological, ethnographic and artistic pieces, which portray the life and trajectory of Carmen Miranda.

ARPECDOURO thus reinforces its commitment to the appreciation of the cultural and historical heritage of the region. This is an important milestone for the company, which prides itself on its well-done work and dedication to providing innovative and effective solutions to its customers.