With great satisfaction we see ARPECDOURO S.A., accompanied by EPBSTEEL S.A., being highlighted on the cover of the printed newspaper VALOR ECONÓMICO as reference companies in the construction sector in Portugal, a sector considered the engine of the Portuguese economy.

The peeling article on the cover and two more pages, highlighted the vision and values that always guide our work, such as quality, rigor, trust and sustainability that we always value in all our projects.

The construction sector has been one of the main drivers of the Portuguese economy, and to be recognized as prominent companies in this sector is a privilege of great value. This recognition is the result of the dedication, capacity and rigor of our work, which is reflected in the excellence of the projects we develop.

arpecdouro Jornal rotated
“For us, this recognition would not be possible without the collaboration of our professionals, customers, suppliers and friends, who have always placed their trust in our companies. That’s why we want to thank all of them for the vote of confidence, and reaffirm our commitment to continue to work with excellence, quality and rigor in everything we do.”

arpecdouro Jornal3

The newspaper VALOR ECONÓMICO is one of the most influential in the country, and to be featured in its pages is a source of great honor for us. Certainly, this recognition will further strengthen our motivation and determination to continue working with excellence and innovation, so that we can play an even more relevant and positive role in the development of the Portuguese economy.

This recognition also inspires us to continue to invest in our team, technology and sustainability, so that we can always offer the best services to our customers and partners.

For all this the companies ARPECDOURO S.A. thanks its employees, customers, suppliers and friends for the vote of confidence.

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