Quality Policy

ARPECDOURO is committed to a sustained growth that allows our recognition in the current market in the construction and rehabilitation of buildings.

At ARPECDOURO we intend to reconcile Innovation and Quality in all our processes. For this, we bet on quality through the implementation of a Quality Management System, in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard in force.


  • Continuously seeking to satisfy the needs and expectations of its Customers, fulfilling their specifications and requirements;
  • Ensure the performance of the activity according to the legislation, regulations and other requirements applicable to the company, always focusing also on Social and Environmental Responsibility;
  • Establish lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with relevant customers and stakeholders;
  • As a basis for a good performance, it bets on the valorization of its employees, to allow the development of their skills and competences;
  • Bet on the continuous improvement of services / products and customer response, solidifying the management of processes and promoting the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and risk-based thinking;
  • Bet on the constant improvement of working methods and tools, to meet the demands of the current market.
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