Security Policy

We recognize that the Prevention of Occupational Risks and the Improvement of Working Conditions are challenges that are posed to the management of all Organizations, whether for strategic, moral, ethical or legal reasons. In this sense, ARPECDOURO, S.A. has, in its internal commitment, to carry out its activity in a framework of sustainable development balance, with the objective of establishing and maintaining a high standard of Safety and Health at Work (OSH), minimizing and / or eliminating the risks of accidents and diseases of its employees, customers, service providers and other interested parties.

Thus, taking into account the variety of risks associated with the construction activity, ARPECDOURO, S.A. assumes the following commitments/objectives:

  • Recognition of safety by all stakeholders as a fundamental element for the execution of the work;
  • Compliance with the legislation in force on safety and health at work, with emphasis on Decree-Law 273/2003 of 29 October;
  • Compliance with the obligations and guidelines described in the Health Security Plan;
  • Use of all resources necessary for the implementation of the Security Policy in operation;
  • The heads of the entities involved should encourage all those involved in the work to ensure the safety of all persons affected by the work and to report any situations of insecurity they encounter;
  • Those responsible for the entities involved should encourage all those involved in the work to implement the security measures proposed in this document and contribute to their evolution and continuous improvement;
  • The responsible actors should promote actions to ensure that the Occupational Safety Policy is understood and implemented by all actors at work;
  • Eliminate or radically reduce the rates of accidents on the construction site in relation to the construction sector;
  • Existence of a Culture of Safety at work, through the participation of all stakeholders;
  • Encourage all participants in the work to implement safety measures and contribute to its evolution and continuous improvement.

At ARPECDOURO we are building the future with capacity, rigor and sustainability.

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